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SEMA Server, an all-in-one software solution

04.03.22 08:29 PM Comment(s) By Norma

Who doesn't want to run their doctor's office, or hospital, efficiently and easily? That is why we put at your disposal the advanced SEMA Platform solution.

SEMA stands for SCHILLER ECG Management & Archiving System, which is the name of our centralized platform of communication, a database that enables seamless and automatic connectivity between SCHILLER medical devices and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Hospital Information Systems (HIS) systems.

It is a system designed to administer, analyze and store resting EKGs, rhythm EKGs, stress EKG, and spirometry, among others, that has many advantages. It has a standard database (SQL) that stores the raw data of the different EKG studies and the licenses that you acquire; It can also remember the users that you allow and the level of access that you give to those users. 

How it works

The SEMA platform has several components (which perform various functions that you can access intuitively) that interact with each other in a simple and highly efficient way. Below we explain the main functions of those components:


SCHILLER Server.  It is a centralized management database and communication platform that can generate medical studies in multiple formats and allows the exchange of information between SCHILLER devices and HIS or EMR systems.  


  • It supports Interfaces to HIS or EMR.  Full HL-7 and DICOM support.
  • Uses a MySQL Standard Data (MariaDB) database.
  • It offers multiple workflows, for instance, Worklists for all SCHILLER devices that allow it; as well as PDQ (Patient Data Query) for all SCHILLER devices.
  • Generates reports in PDF and XML format.
  • It allows communication with new generation SCHILLER devices and uses the SCM interface to communicate with the older generation.
  • It stores SEMA Client (which we will mention a little later) data.
  • Allows users to log in through the SEMA Client or SEMA Liberty Mobile (which we'll also talk about) platforms.


SEMA Client 

SEMA Client is an advanced application that can be installed on a PC (Windows 7 Operating System or higher) or MAC (Mac OSX Operating System 10.14.x, 10.15.x or higher) that allows the analysis of medical records: you can not only view them, you can also modify them as much as possible and generate new reports using the modified records.


This all-in-one software also gives you numerous functionalities that speed up and simplify the workflow. With it you can:


  •  Analyze medical records.
  • Review and edit reports of resting EKGs (up to 16 leads), EKG stress tests, Holter, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, spirometry, and more.
  • Review PDFs sent by other systems.
  • Save resting rhythms, Continuous ECG, and acquire a new ECG using that data.

SEMA Office and Enterprise

The SEMA Client platform offers you two license packages that depend on the functionalities and the number of users you require. Check them:

 SEMA Office.  This license is ideal for small practices and offices.  It allows 2, 5, or 10 users with floating licenses. Includes:

  • SCHILLER Server software (includes MySQL DB). 
  • Interfaces for HL7 and DICOM (licenses not included).
  •  Management of patients and medical records.
  • Review of all medical records.
  • Generation of reports in PDF format.


SEMA Enterprise.  It is the solution for medium or large offices and hospitals.  It allows 5, 10, 15, 25, or unlimited users. Includes:

  • Software Schiller Server (MySQL DB).
  • Interfaces for HL7 and DICOM (licenses not included).
  • Management of patients and medical records.
  • Review of all medical records.
  • Generation of PDF reports.
  • Advanced search functions.
  • Use of Multi-tenancy (multi-client capacity).

 Wouldn't you like to run your practice, office, or hospital in such an organized, efficient and simple way as this? I bet, you do!


SEMA Liberty Mobile

The software we have told you so far can be used on your PC or MAC, but we also have a solution for mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). It is called SEMA Liberty Mobile.

It is a web application that is used through your Internet browser, so it does not require any type of application installation, and is ideal for tablets or mobile devices. It is used to access all the medical records you have stored at SEMA, which means you can view them remotely in real-time. With SEMA Liberty Mobile you can consult what you need whenever you want, wherever you are. 

  • You can search patient records by name or by patient ID.
  • Just click on a record to open it easily.
  • Download or open it in PDF to review it.


Simply put, this app gives you full access to the information you need, at all times.


As you may have already realized, our software solutions are the perfect complement to our innovative technology devices. Together, they enhance their possibilities for you to work in a comfortable, precise, convenient, and simple way.

If you need more information about our SEMA platform, click here.

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