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The SP-250 sensor is a Spirometry function of the SCHILLER AT-2 PLUS, AT-102, and AT-10 plus EKG. The function is automatically available when is plugged into the RS-232 connector of the unit.

Adding this feature to a Schiller's EKG, physicians can evaluate their patient lung health anticipating the diagnosis of certain respiratory disease.

Investing in this add-on feature physicians practice get an extra reimburstment with the same device.


Easy to ​use

The SP-250 sensor enpower the features of your EKG devices. All tests and settings are initiated using a one key button and guide through the screen.
Simplified and affordable spirometry in three easy steps:

1) Fill in the demographic information of the patient
2) Prepare the patient and execute the maneuver
3) Press Copy to print the results report

Pulmonary Function ​Testing

Measurements are made with a lightweight and hygienic open pneumotacho sensor - the SP-250 sensor.

It features 4 pulmonary function testing modes for the measurement of inspiratory and expiratory values to evalute patient's lung health.

Direct function icons are displayed for measuring the following:
° FVC Forced Vital Capacity
° SVC Slow Vital Capacity
° MVV Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
° MV Expired or Minute Ventilation

EKG ​Compatibility

The SP-250 sensor is a plug and play spirometer for Schiller EKGs, including:

° Our best seller AT-2 plus
° CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus  
° Diagnostic Station DS-20

Sample Report


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