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  • Schiller is Innovation,
    Art of Diagnostic and Cardiopulmonary expertise

    30+ years providing the best Cardiopulmonary technology to the USA, Latin America, and Canada for better outcomes
  • Best quality diagnostic EKG for every healthcare needs 

    Reliable with a high-quality technology for fast and accurate diagnosis. Ideal for Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor's offices, and Research Hospitals.

Meet our high-technology medical equipment.

Electrocardiograph and spirometer in one device at-2 plus Schiller
Versatile EKG that adapts to any physician's office needs.
EKG AT-102 G2 Schiller device for GPs, Clinics and Hospitals
For high-performance settings, the best EKG is in demand.
Cardiovit FT-1 is an ultra-portable EKG
Easy to use EKG, perfect for any healthcare environment.
SpiroScout Spirometer with Ultrasonic Technology
Ultrasonic Spirometer for accurate measures of lung health.

Service & Support

You can stay connected with Schiller Americas. Our Service Department will help you with any doubts about Schiller Medical Devices.

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Get the most out of your Schiller device! You can qualify for technical support and special offers.

EKG Software update

Enhance your cybersecurity and upgrade your capabilities with the latest Schiller EKG FT-1, which includes new features.

Don't Die of Doubt

Hospitals are still the safest option for your patients when medical emergencies strike. Please help us share this information with your patients.

Schiller Americas is a proud supporter of the campaign Don't Die of Doubt from the American Heart Association.

Schiller USA Manufactuter of Medical Equipment
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