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SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, Emergency Care, and Resuscitation, as well as software solutions for the medical industry.

The company was founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller and has become a very successful group.

We have developed unique products that have opened entirely new diagnostic possibilities. “The Art of Diagnostics” is infinitely creative and continuously inspires us to improve our products. Innovation is our priority.

That allowed us to make developments that have become market standards, such as:

  • Fred Easyport. The smallest defibrillator in the world (weighs just 490 grams with battery included) that allows you to view the ECG on the screen and has a degree of sophistication such that it is suitable for fixed point, land transport, pressurized and non-pressurized air transfer, and maritime transfer. 

  • The first portable electrocardiograph.

  • First electrocardiograph with Interpretation of the EKG.

  • The inclusion of batteries, screens, and keyboards in the EKG machines.

  • The capacity to simultaneously acquire the 12 leads and do a multichannel printout.

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Our emergency care line offers reliable and easy-to-use AEDS, mechanical CPR, and sophisticated monitors that are ready when needed. Discover the advantages of using State-of-the-Art devices!


The public access AED for everyone

Ready when needed. When you lift the device cover, the FRED PA-1 starts up immediately. The pre-connected electrodes only need to be applied to the patient’s chest. The device analyses the patient’s heart rhythm and determines whether a shock is recommended. Systematic pre-charging allows shock delivery as soon as necessary.

Clear guidance. The device has illustrations illuminating the steps during the emergency, spoken instructions to guide the lay user easily, and a repeat button to listen to the last teaching.

For children & adults. The FRED PA-1 automatically recognizes the electrode type and adjusts the defibrillation energy accordingly.

Versions available. There are two versions available: automatic and semi-automatic. In the mechanical performance, the FRED PA-1 delivers the shock with no additional action required by the rescuer. In the semi-automatic version, the FRED PA-1 prompts the rescuer to give the surprise by pressing the shock button.

Other available options. Free CPR (measurement and feedback on CPR frequency through the AED pads). Multilanguage (3 possibilities of language for instructions in one unit). Warranty extension (8 years more).

FRED PA-1 ​Online AED

The solution for your AED fleet management.

While you must still walk past specific devices to check their status, the FRED PA-1 Online and LifeData-Net G2 remote fleet management system will let you manage it from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Always connected! Connected via a cellular network, the FRED PA-1 Online guarantees quick and easy installation: position the defibrillator where needed, and you are good to go!

LifeDataNet G2 is a powerful management solution: easily visualize your AEDs on an interactive map to check if all devices are in working order or whether they need your attention. Software updates can be scheduled and performed remotely from anywhere.

Time & money saver. The FRED PA-1 Online with LifeData-Net G2 revolutionizes AED fleet management:

  • Could you find each of your devices?

  • Visualize your AED park’s status on a map.

  • Could you check the condition of the consumables (battery, electrodes)?

  • Please let me know in case of an abnormality (for example, connection time out, the electrodes are expiring) and when a device is in use.

  • You can update your device remotely and effortlessly without technical intervention or replacement.

  • Do not need a WI-FI Network to transmit

  • The exact available operation options are the conventional FRED PA-1.

FRED PA-1 ​Trainer

Realistic training raining for the whole resuscitation process.

The FRED PA-1 Trainer is a user-friendly training device enabling various resuscitation situations, providing realistic AED training.


  • Scenario control: play, stop, pause, and fast forward.

  • I'd like you to please create your personalized scenario.

  • Configuration of the device: semi or fully automatic, device language, CPR duration, and much more.

  • Several languages are available. Several languages are available.


It fits in every coat pocket, office drawer, glove compartment or doctor's bag and still fulfils all the demands on an AED.

Always at hand. FRED Easyport is the perfect companion for doctors, public service staff, and those needing access to an AED. Risk patients can have rescue devices so their families can react quickly.

For adults and children. FRED Easyport detects when pediatric electrodes are connected and automatically switches to the pediatric energy level. Energy settings can be configured for adults and children according to standard values.

Gentle with the heart. FRED Easyport uses the exceptionally soft MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE technology. This technology, exclusive of SCHILLER, minimizes damage to the myocardium1 and, therefore, increases the chances of survival for the patient.


  • FRED Easyport is extremely small; it measures 133 × 126 × 35 mm and is light, weighing only 490 grams (including battery).

  • The device gives instructions from a loudspeaker and display.

  • Its 1-2-3 buttons simplify use.

  • LCD that also shows ECG waveform display.

  • It is available in different language versions.

  • Uses the gentle MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE technology.

Other versions available:

Manual mode. FRED Easyport is also available in a manual way. Doctors and other trained health professionals can switch from semiautomatic to manual mode and decide whether to deliver a shock.

FRED Easyport Trainer. The FRED Easyport is also available as a separate training device that helps train first responders with realistic scenarios.

Cansell A. (2000) Wirksamkeit und Sicherheit neuer Impulskurvenformen bei transthorakaler Defibrillation. Biphasische Impulskurvenformen. Notfall & Rettungsmedizin. Springer-Verlag – 3: 458-474. Irnich W, Cansell A. (2005) Principle and Advantage of Chopped Defibrillation Shocks. Biomedizinische Technik – Vol 50 – Suppl. vol. 1 – Part 1 : 727– 728.


SCHILLER has taken the next step in improving CPR quality further with this unbelievably small and light mechanical chest compression device.

The solution for more effective resuscitation. This portable, stand-alone device delivers chest compressions automatically at a consistent rate and depth. It is directly attached to

The patient’s upper body can thus be used in any situation and from different angles, including 90.

Easy to operate. In an emergency, every move has to be correct. The Easy Pulse is a simple device that a single person can perform: pressing two buttons is enough to initiate resuscitation immediately.

Besides, it only weighs 3.5 kg, which opens new possibilities for air rescue services and high-complexity situations or environments.


  • Ideal for limited spaces

  • Multidirectional chest compressions (3D)

  • High-quality chest compressions of consistent rate and depth, which is impossible to achieve with manual compressions

  • Possibility of 30:2 compression-ventilation cycle

  • Thanks to the slider and buckle system, it can be easily attached to the upper body.

  • Easy to position – easy to operate

  • Replaceable battery with charge level indicator

  • Autonomous operation for 45 minutes (with one battery)

  • Connections: external DC input.


Maximum performance, minimum weight, and shockproof touch screen.

The device is highly compact (no more than 3.5 kg in the most complete version with the bag, battery, and accessories). It offers the latest defibrillation technology in combination with comprehensive monitoring functions. It is the first emergency monitor/defibrillator equipped with a touch screen, making it the most intuitive device on the market. Besides, it includes the latest data transmission technology.

It can be used anywhere. Thanks to SCHILLER’s extensive experience in the rescue sector, DG Touch7 has been developed to be used in extreme conditions. Its lightweight structure offers new possibilities for air rescue operations because lightness saves significant fuel when used on an airplane or a helicopter.

Furthermore, its mounting bracket, which also serves as a battery charger, is resistant to shocks and vibrations, thus complying with land and air rescue operation standards.

Always connected. The device can perform high-speed data transmission at all times. Depending on the location, transmission can be performed using Wi-Fi or 3G; you can purchase the preconfigured unit with both options.

Always operational. The DG Touch7 performs regular self-tests, so it is always ready to use. Its RFID transponder ensures the monitoring of the defibrillator´s electrode expiry date.


ECG. Continuous ECG monitoring, 12-lead ECG diagnostic recording, and interpretative ETM software.

Capnography. The EtCO 2 value is a parameter used to check blood circulation and determine the efficiency of CPR. DG Touch7 offers Mainstream or Sidestream measurement using MASI-MO sensors to display EtCO 2, Respiration Rate, and Apnea information.

SPO 2, SPCO, and SPMET. The Masimo Rainbow technology for SpO 2, SpCO, and SpMet measurements is available.

Non-invasive blood pressure measurement. Arterial blood pressure measurement in children and adults and a venous block function.

Invasive blood pressure measurement. Arterial or venous invasive blood pressure measurement with various pressure sensors.

Temperature. Continuous measurement of the temperature through skin sensors or endocavity probes.

  • Manual defibrillation, cardioversion, pacemaker (fix or demand) & SAED are part of the unit with the preconfigured options.

  • Capacity of measurement and complete CPR feedback through the Argus Life point system (depth, frequency, recoil).

  • The unit uses the particularly gentle MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE technology. This technology, exclusive of SCHILLER, minimizes damage to the myocardium during defibrillation, increasing the patient's chances of survival.

  • It is an easy-to-access and easy-to-use screen interface with views depending on the situation's complexity. Configurable by user.

  • Transmission of the screen print.


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