About Schiller

SCHILLER is a renowned company specializing in creating, producing, and distributing medical devices. With a global sales network and 30 subsidiaries, we are a leader in the industry. We are mainly known for our expertise in cardiopulmonary diagnostics, patient monitoring, emergency medicine, and diagnostic data management.

Schiller is proud to support:

For over 30 years in the US, Schiller Americas has created long-term customer value by providing high-quality and precise technology. This technology helps physicians obtain accurate cardiopulmonary results, enabling them to make the best medical decisions.

Schiller products are developed and produced using advanced technology at the company's headquarters located in Baar (Switzerland), Wissembourg (France), and Florida (US). These products meet the latest international standards.

In today's healthcare landscape, electronic health records have become crucial for hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices. This has led to a faster exchange of information between health systems, and new technological advancements are allowing for more accessible and usable digital health information from patients. Our products offer LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity and can ensure interoperability using HL7, DICOM, or PDF standards.

Our team is dedicated to helping you provide the best and most comprehensive patient care in any healthcare environment.