ERG 911 LS
The ERG 911 LS Echocouch is a special ergometer for exercise Echocardiography.  

Thanks to an additional pivot axis of the Echocouch, the patient can be positioned at an angle of up to 45° to
The left during exercise.

This ensures a particularly favorable position for high-quality ultra-sound images during stress echocardiography. 
Stable shoulder support ensures the patient's comfortable and safe positioning 
while the couch is tilted to the left.

Ideal position

Mobility and Adjustment
by remote control


Secure and Patient


Real Echo-Stress


Application Areas

Mobility and ​Adjustment by remote control

Thanks to the infinite movability of the couch (0-45°), it is possible to find the ideal lying position for every patient and examination method. In an incident, the patient can be moved immediately into a suitable treatment position. If needed, the patient's calm position enables high-quality ECG presentation and blood pressure measurements.

A high-end eddy current brake with computer-controlled torque measurement grants the speed-independent load. This control, together with the ideal centrifugal mass dimensioning, results in an enjoyable pedaling feeling, allowing the patient to exploit their reserves fully. The mechanism, consisting of state-of-the-art components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.

Secure and Patient ​Comfortable

The Echocouch is designed to ensure patient safety and comfort. The height is fixed using an adjustable saddle, preventing the patient from sliding to the side. A headrest increases the patient's comfort. Both elements, as well as the couch's slope, can be adjusted via remote control.

The reclining position at 45° is very comfortable. Medical exercise examinations prove that the performance in this position corresponds to the version on a bicycle ergometer. Unlike with previous couch ergometers, the pedaling motion of the legs is now identical to the movement on a bicycle ergometer. This is due to the unique design of the pedal crankshaft. This feature eliminates all performance-related obstacles in couch-ergometry.

Real ​Echo-Stress

The advantage of ERG 911 LS Echocouch is the patient’s ideal positioning on the ergometer (45°). In this position, more precise and sharper ultra-sound images of the heart are achieved. This enables practitioners to obtain high-quality ultrasound images during stress echocardiography at peak exercise.

The patient can remain on the ERG 911 LS for a seamless transition from the exercise phase to the recovery phase of the procedure.

The Schiller Echocouch ERG 911 LS is a valuable tool for your practice for risk stratification of a patient with known or suspected Coronary Artery Disease and other cardiac diseases.

Application ​Areas

The ERG 911 LS Echocouch has other special applications besides exercise Echocardiography. The ergometer can be used for:
• Normal couch/semi-couch safety ergometer
• Special safety aspects like
  · Suspected cardiovascular disorders
  · Stress test after a cardiac infarction or bypass surgery
  · Special exercise ergometry applications such:
  a) Heart catheter examinations
  b) Couch/semi-couch safety ergometer
• Recommended for the examination of elderly and disabled patients

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