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Diagnostic Station DS-20
SCHILLER´s DS-20 Diagnostic Station offers speed, precision, and best of all, a single cleaning surface at the first point of contact with patients.

The DS-20 was developed to perform Vital signs (Temperature, NIBP, SPO2, HR, and Respiration Rate), Resting EKG & Rhythm EKG, all in one device.  

It also fits in different patient's care process at Urgent Cares, Hospitals ERs, and Doctor's offices because the Triage can be perform in 3 minutes with only one device, which otherwise may take longer using multiple devices.

Daily use of the DS-20 helps improve work flow, reducing the workload of nurses and promoting the feeling of immediate care to patients.

DS-20 provides the most precise measurements to make the best medical decisions.


Excellent device, Premium Customer service!
They love the DS20, their workflow improved substantially: 6-8 minutes per patient without the DS20 and 2.5 minutes with it. Main features are Vital Signs with external scale, and ECG if needed".

Platinum Medical Centers

Unique ​design

SCHILLER is the only manufacture with a complete diagnostic station with every option built into one unit. This Innovative, Accurate and High Performance device was develop to enhance and simplify the physician’s office and Hospitals daily workflow.  

The DS-20 offers customize parameters that can adapt to any healthcare enviroment with excellent quality and precision.  It is a large, intuitive and easy to used touchscreen device that will allow for a short learning curve.

Basic ​Parameters

The DS-20 can perform the most common primary care signs in combination with the highest quality EKG.

The unique design of the DS-20 makes it even easier for clinicians to record patient data and transfer it securely.

Basic parameters include:

•  ECG Waveform
•  Respiration
•  Heart Rate
•  NIBP (Automatic cycles and manual)
• SPO2 (Oxygen saturation, plethysmograph, Peripheral Pulse)
• Temperature with Temporal Artery Thermometry
• Weight/ Height/ BMI through External Digital Scales


The DS-20 Diagnostic Station immediately detects connected sensors and automatically displays the corresponding value. This quick operation allows you to easily add or remove parameters.

The following options are available:

• Resting ECG 10 lead EKG highgest quality acquisition
Rhythm ECG – 10 lead
Masimo Rainbow SpCO

Improve the ​workflow

The quality and performance of the DS-20 improve the workflow from 10 min to 5 min from Patient Preparation to Vitals and EKG test.

Shorten the patient screening time helps to:

1.  Improve patient flow
2.  Reduce waiting times
3.  Reduce care costs
4.  Maximize the patient visit   
5.  See More Patients


The DS-20 is an easy to clean device due to its flat surface, no keyboard or mouse is needed thanks to its touch screen functionality.

It is safe for practitioners as it can be used with gloves.

​Mounting ​Options

The DS-20 has different mounting systems available depends on the facility's needs.

The options are:

• Trolley
• Wall mounts
• Desk stands


The Diagnostic Station DS-20 has a bidirectional communication with integrated WiFi and Ethernet as standard. In keeping with a simplified daily workflow we connect with EMR’s, HIS or SEMA through LAN and Wi-Fi to manage patient records and worklists (HIS, HL7 & DICOM).

Wifi and USB Printer capabilities.

Schiller is the only cardiopulmonary manufacture that is iOS compatible.

SCHILLER reserves the right to make changes in design, specifications and features shown,
or discontinue the product described at any time, without notice or obligation. Images may be representative.
Device availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.


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