ERG 911 S Plus
The ERG 911 S Plus is a comprehensive cardiopulmonary diagnostics or stand-alone rehab ergometry.

With a modern processor, the ergometer is designed to allow all standard operational modes of the stress test load control.

According to the examiner's needs and wishes, the ERG 911 S Plus allows the definition of up to five different exercise programs. The user is guided through all operational steps on the display.

In every mode, the LCD shows the current load and, if set, the heart rate in an alphanumeric field, as well as a graph to view the ergometry status.

The ERG 911 S Plus can also be accessed and controlled from a Schiller Stress Test, any external PC program, or an EKG unit via RS232 cable.


Easy to operate


Interface Communication


Technical Characteristics


Features & Advantages

Easy to ​operate

Comfortable load unit.

A high-end eddy current brake with computer-controlled torque measurement grants the speed-independent load. This control, together with the ideal centrifugal mass dimensioning, results in an enjoyable pedaling feeling, allowing the patient to exploit their reserves fully. The mechanism, consisting of state-of-the-art components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.

The measuring head’s front side features the control elements and a backlit graphic high-resolution LCD. Its side, containing the display, is usually oriented towards the person operating the device.

Interface ​Communication

The ERG 911 has interface communication via RS-232, making it compatible with most cardiac and pulmonary stress testing systems on the market. The RS-232 is galvanically isolated.

Technical ​Characteristics

The adjustable seat offers an optimal position for patients between 47” and 83” tall. The handlebar can be adjusted.

The easy passage between the handlebar and the seat is especially useful for elderly and disabled patients.

The stable steel and aluminum construction of the ergometer frame and drive mechanism easily supports a weight of up to 353 lb.

Features & ​Advantages

• Compatible with all SCHILLER exercise EKG devices
• Equipped with large pivoting 180°graphical displays
• Strong and modern design
• Stable steel construction
• Speed-independent load
• Surface coating for easy cleaning

• High load precision
• Rotable measuring head
• Measurements controllable using a PC program or an ECG/ergo-spiro unit via RS-232
Stable steel/aluminum construction for a max. weight of 353 lbs
• Pleasant pedalling feeling
• Almost noiseless, even at high speed
• Elegant, dirt-repellent casing
• Low maintenance

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