Airway Oscillometry System

tremoflo® is a device that uses airway oscillometry to monitor lung function and diagnose diseases like asthma and COPD. This device can be utilized by patients of all ages, including adults, geriatrics, and pediatric individuals. All that is needed is for the patient to breathe normally through the mouthpiece.

Oscillometry is a lung function test that measures the resistance and reactance of the respiratory system using waves. This technology is based on the Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT), which evaluates lung function by superimposing a multifrequency airwave on top of the patient's tidal breathing.

Reliable and easy detection of asthma and COPD

Oscillometry is characterized by sensitivity to obstruction in the airways. Therefore, it provides unique and privileged information on central and peripheral lung function. However, studies show that combining the advantages of spirometry and oscillometry promotes optimal detection of asthma and COPD.

Ganshorn-SCHILLER offers a combination of ultrasonic spirometry with SpiroScout, oscillometry with tremoflo®and our advanced software LFx. This allows the display of the results of both tests in the same report, which can be exported for easy and quick submission.

Minimal patient effort

tremoflo® allows fast, comfortable, and simple measurements because the patient breathes regularly in the mouthpiece. That flow is enough for the device to add an oscillatory wave to obtain a measurement; this maneuver lasts only 20 seconds. This allows physicians or technicians to perform three maneuvers in two minutes.  

How tremoflo® works

During the test, the patient breathes through a mouthpiece, and the tremoflo® generates small sinus waves that travel through the airways; the device detects the return waves and uses this information to measure the resistance and reactance of the airways.

Advantages of the Airway Oscillometry System

tremoflo® is a tidal breath-based technique suitable for patients with difficulties following instructions, such as children, the elderly, and those with neuromuscular or behavioral issues. Since oscillometry requires tidal breathing at rest, neither an expert operator nor the patient's effort is needed to obtain a successful test.

What does it measure?

Airway resistance.  The device measures the ease or difficulty of airflow through the airways, which can be exacerbated under conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 
Airway reactance. This means it measures the elasticity or stiffness of the airways, which can be altered in conditions such as bronchial hyperreactivity.

Other parameters. tremoflo® can also measure other parameters, such as resonant frequency, which measures the natural frequency of the airways, and the frequency dependence of resistance and reactance. This data provides additional information about the airways.

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How can tremoflo® help?

New Purpose - Portable pulmonary test screening in a tidal breath.

Fast - It takes as little as 20 seconds per test, and patients won’t need recovery time. 

Evidence-Based -  FDA cleared to 4 years old and supported by 200+ published papers. 

Unique - Several patents unlock sensitivity data for children, young adults, and older people, making it much easier than spirometry.

Credible Adopters - 2,000+ devices in use. Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Texas Children’s, Mercy Health, Indiana University, Boston Children's, and others.

Revenue Generator - CPT code 94728 allows reimbursement of up to $67.20 on average.

Break Even - A quick ROI using CPT code 1 year (as little as 15 monthly tests).

CPT Codes*

94728Airway resistance by impulse Oscillometry.
$40.20 – $67.20 average.
95070 Inhalation bronchial challenge testing with histamine, methacholine, or similar compounds.
$31.68 – $44.35 average.

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