SCHILLER Connectivity Solution
Connecting your medical equipment to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can improve your workflow and patient safety. Capturing, saving, and storing the studies (EKGs, Stress Tests, and Spirometries) of the patient in a fast, precise, and electronic way reduces transcription errors and allows you to dedicate time to what matters most-your patients.

SCHILLER allows seamless connectivity with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), dedicated PACS, or EMR via Health Level 7 (HL7) messages or DICOM standards. The EMR you choose will likely be able to connect to our devices.

 Ask about the different options for connectivity:

 •  Manage Orders - Worklist
 •  Distribute Results
 •  Improve workflow and avoid errors

 SCHILLER is an innovation of connectivity!!

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Schiller supports innovators, vendors, and customers to develop applications or interfaces that work with any EMR. The goal is to innovate the way care is delivered and to help improve the workflow of the medical industry. Contact us for any development.