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NEW Schiller EKG FT-1 Software

A new software that improves cybersecurity of the device and includes new features.

How to identify if your device needs to be serviced:

  • Software version below 2.1.0 (see picture below)
  • Yearly Recommended Maintenance not performed during the last 12 months.

Maintenance fee: $300

Maintenance of Schiller's supplies

Improved Cybersecurity

  • Access control to prevent non-authorized users from accessing patient information and manipulating the settings: User credentials and privileges can be defined locally on the device or in the SCHILLER Server. LDAP authentication is also available with the new, optional SCHILLER Server 5.602100 Active Directory LDAP interface.
  • SSL certificate validation to reduce the risk of cyberattacks, especially in public networks.
  • Due to known vulnerabilities, “None”, WEP and WPA WiFi protocols are no longer supported. WPA2 Personal and WPA2 Enterprise security protocols are available.

New features

  • PDF export to a USB stick: External data storage in case of network unavailability.
  • Language configuration for the barcode scanner: Allows to read and scan special characters such as å, ü, Ø, Æ correctly.
  • Mandatory patient and visit information: Define the compulsory data which is to be entered before the EkG acquisition.
  • Worklist auto-refresh: Speeds up the worklist refresher when managing a large number of work items.
  • Balanced lead configuration: Right and left heart view with one 12 lead EKG acquisition.
  • Disabled pacemaker spikes: Since noise, extracardiac stimulation devices, and some pacemaker models can trigger false pacemaker spikes, the display of pacemaker spikes is turned off by default. The display of spikes can be turned on manually at any time. ETM will automatically detect the pacemaker independent of this setting.
  • Manual events: Event marking during resting rhythm for later review.

Yearly Preventive Maintenanceive Maintenance

  • Testing of all functionality.
  • Device Performance and Electrical Safety Certifications with Schiller approved instruments.
  • Meet with the Regulatory and Quality requirements.