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medilog Holter System
medilog Holter System is an accurate, easy to use solution ideal for the routine Holter monitoring needs of primary care physicians, as well as the specialized requirements of cardiology practices.

Schiller's medilog® Holter System combines a state-of-the-art recorder medilogAR and a complete analysis software DARWIN2 to maximize physicians time and focus on irregular patients beats analysis.
With sophisticated and accurate EKG analysis it meets the highest demands for patient care.

• Easy to clean, robust, shock and splash resistant recorder
3 channels ECG preview
Small and light-weight
5 or 7 lead automatic detection of patient cable
One recorder for 24H, 48H,.... 7 days or up to 14 days
Artifact suppression and motion detection
Just one AAA Battery with a flexible dual-battery concept for up to 14 days recording
Highest sampling rate in the market (32,000Hz)
SD or USB Data download


medilogAR ​recorder

medilog®AR helps physicians to acquire patient data with consistency,
accuracy, simplicity and confidence.

- Adult and Pediatric patients
- 3 channel ECG preview
- 5 or 7 lead cable
- Automatic cable type detection
- Light weight approx. 4.4 oz.
- 24H, 48H, 7 days or up to 14 days
- True signal quality check with amplitude indication
- QT/ST Analysis
- OLED Screen 128 x 64 px
- Shock and splash-proof design (IP 22)
- 3D motion detection to suppress artifacts enabling a speedy evaluation

Simple and Easy to use ​Holter

- Two buttons operation
- Easy to Patient set up (Recorder or DARWIN2)
- Voice recording patient details up to 30 sec
- Lead quality test before start the recording (BAD, GOOD, EXCELLENT)
- Easy to change patient cable
- Register events or event marker
- Define recording duration
- SD Card

Clinical ​Superiority

The medilog® ADAPT™ algorithm is designed to provide highly accurate beat detection (99.9% accuracy). All recorded channels are analyzed and excessively noisy episodes are automatically excluded.
The key to effectiveness is due to:
- Highest acquisition quality 32,000 Hz sampling rate
- Recording Rate 250 Hz
- 3D motion detection to suppress artifacts
- Noise Directory for a fast cleanup
- Fast and Easy Template Editing

DARWIN2 ​software

DARWIN2 is an analysis program for storage, analysis and diagnosis of medilogAR Holter recordings.
It offers an intuitive workflow with a maximum flexibility with freely configurable reports and user-defined screen layout.

The DARWIN2 has an accurate beat classification. It’s Easy-to-use graphic interface allows users to distinguish, through a color code assigned, each type of arrhythmia, ventricular activity through QT and ST elevation or depression or the appearance of different events in time.
These automated features allow physicians to quickly report results, optimizing clinician time.

- Archiving, editing, diagnostic and validation functions
- On-screen measurements, editing of global measurement points and interpretation
- Patient data editing
- Selectable print formats
- Patient and recording search function
- PDF report generation
- Role-based login
- Assignment of recordings for analysis/editing by other users

DARWIN2 PDF ​reports

The DARWIN2 offers fully configurable reporting and analysis functions according to clinician requirements, defining standardized statements of interpretation and configuring different report templates for types of patients.

The custom reports feature allows PDF report generation with the practice information and logo, which is then printed in the report header.

This module has:
- Predefined reports
- Personalized Report tool
- Cover sheet templates
- Summary templates

With a few clicks, the physician retrieves, analyzes patient data and presents results in a customized report format





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