Schiller's EKG and Spirometry interpretation program is designed to assist the physician in reading and evaluating an EKG and Spirometry printout with a high-quality, reliable interpretation. Try now our devices.
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The CARDIOVIT AT-102 SCM EKG with Ultrasonic Spirometry is a top-of-the-line device combining two functions. With features such as full-size printouts, easy one-button operation, and built-in Ethernet connectivity, it is designed to meet high demands while maintaining accuracy. This makes it an excellent choice for keeping your staff productive and efficient.

• Intuitive and easy operation
• 12 lead Resting EKG   
• Interpretation
• Internal memory for up to 40 records   
• Integral full-size thermal quality printer
• Full-size keyboard and dedicated soft key interface for easy, user-friendly operation
• Ultrasonic Spirometry
• Internal SCHILLER Communications module (SCM) to transmit resting EKG data in the XML format to a PC or information system
• Ethernet data transfer to PC for storing Resting EKG and spirometry recordings in PDF format.

​Simple one-key operation for main functions

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 SCM is a 6-channel EKG recorder. All EKG signals are simultaneously processed to provide instant EKG recordings. Two automatic recording modes can be individually preset to enable one-button EKG recording of preferred print formats.

Press the green button to obtain ECG information along with the patient

data, interpretation, and measurements quickly and easily.

Full alphanumeric ​keyboard

The AT-102 SCM has an alphanumeric water-resistant, easy-to-clean keyboard. The function keys allow easy and quick patient data entries and clinical remarks.

Large A4 size ​printout on a thermal printer

CARDIOVIT AT-102 SCM has a large A4 printout from an integrated quality thermal printer.

​​Spirometry ​Function Test

The Ultrasonic Spirometry function is automatically available when the SpiroScout SP sensor is plugged into the SCHILLER AT-102 SCM.

It features four pulmonary function testing modes for measuring inspiratory and expiratory values.
• FVC Forced Vital Capacity
• SVC Slow Vital Capacity
• MVV Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
• MV Expired or Minute Ventilation

All tests are initiated via an easy-to-use interface with dedicated menu options. It allows testing patients pre/post medication.

Interpretation program for pediatric & adults

Schiller's EKG and Spirometry interpretation program is designed to assist the physician in reading and evaluating an EKG and Spirometry printout with a high-quality, reliable interpretation.

Ultrasonic Spirometry​ ​​Benefits

Ultrasonic technology is a groundbreaking way of measuring flow that surpasses traditional analog instruments like turbines and pneumotachographs, which have limitations. It sets a new standard for flow measurement.

Ultrasonic spirometers are advantageous because they have no moving parts, making them reliable throughout their lifespan. They are user-friendly, precise, and can be disinfected effortlessly with any hospital-grade solution.

Our technology is ideal for measuring inspiratory and expiratory flow as it provides linear, accurate, and stable results unaffected by temperature or humidity.

1. No drift or warm-up.
2. Calibration and maintenance-free.
3. It is more comfortable for the patient since there is no air resistance during the maneuver.
4. Prevent cross-contamination because the ultrasound probe does not touch the patient.
5. High measurement accuracy, especially for patients with very weak airflow.
6. The result is precise, thanks to the real-time correction of BTPS.
7. The sensor is unaffected by humidity, air pressure, and contamination.

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