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The SpiroScout is the best Ultrasonic Spirometer options for precise lung health evaluation and actions. 

It unique high-precision identifies minimal changes in the restrictive and obstructive pulmonary function patterns because its high sampling frequency.
Flexible to meet any physician's needs.


"The devices are very easy to use, besides the quality that has given the doctor the opportunity to give an accurate diagnostic. The paperless process improve our administrative time and the cost for paper has diminished."

Fatima - Medical Assistant of Vidamax

Standard ​measuring ​applications

The SpiroScout with LFX Software is a PC based system designed to measure and analysing breath flow and volume recordings for adult and pediatric patients.

The SpiroScout standard measuring applications:
• FVC - Forced Vital Cpacity
• SVC - Slow Vital Capacity
• MVV- Maximum Voluntary Ventilation

With SpiroScout LFX, your practice can customize the report with your logo, address, phone number and any parameters existing during the measurement. The SpiroScout facilitates pre and post testing


The SpiroScout incorporates pressure and humidity sensors and volume calibration is not necessary. The Calibration-free ultrasound flow sensor saves practitioner time and enables more testing during a workday.

The Ultrasound Principle permit "transit time" of the sound wave is measured and is used in order to calculate the flow speed of lungs air.

This calculation allows the measurement to be more precise, direct, and no pressure difference or resistance during the test.

​Complies with CDC distance ​guidelines

Perform safe Spirometry testing is necessary at this time. Protect your patient's lungs and prevent cross-contamination with Hygienic Spirometry.  

Ultrasonic technology is the only technology that isolates equipment airflow:

• ScoutTube is the only disposable mouthpiece (patient will only have direct contact with ScoutTube)
• Physicians, nurses, or technicians don't need to be near the patient to see the results.
•  Easy to clean, a crevice-free device for complete decontamination.

Easy-to-use ​software

SpiroScout a quick and easy-to-use PC based spirometer. The LFX software is an intuitive Windows® based interface will allow you to spend less time learning the functions and more time testing patients.

The software provides physicians a user friendly and self explaining graphics to easy and high quality diagnosis.

The SpiroScout is fully conforms to ATS/ERS Gold Standards and most recent OSHA requirements.

ATS-OSHA ​compliant

OSHA compliant with the most recent requirements. ATS/ERS Compliance Evaluation fully conforms to Gold Standards

Easy to ​clean

The SpiroScout and base unit can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. Standard hospital disinfectant can be used to disinfect the SpiroScout. The SpiroScout surfaces are free of screens, keyboards, buttons, or crevices, making it easy to clean and sanitize.

Unique Trends ​reports

SpiroScout LFX software has a unique trend report to monitor progression of lung disease and response to therapy



Sample Report




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