TMX-428 Treadmill
The TMX-428 Treadmill is designed and built to withstand the extraordinary demands of medical motion devices. Its quiet operation makes this treadmill ideal for hospital and office environments.

Its forefront of patient safety, reliability, and performance meets the high-quality standards to perform a Stress Test in adults or pediatric patients. The TMX428 is self-calibrating and has a powerful, quiet drive that handles user weights up to 500 pounds.

The treadmill is compatible with Schiller and many other cardiac stress tests.

Technical ​Characteristics

The following characteristics make the TMX-428 the best treadmill for Stress Test testing.  The treadmill has few moving parts, so minimal maintenance and less downtime.

• Patient weight capacity 500 lb., 227 kg.
• All steel construction with baked powder-coat finish.
• Treadmill net weight: 425 lb., 193 kg.

Drive System
• Heavy-duty 6-peak hp. brushless, DC servo motor.
• 110-120VAC, 1-phase, 60 Hz, 20-amp power supply (standard).
• 220/240VAC, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz, 15-amp power supply (optional).

Speed Range
• 0.5 to 12 M.P.H, .80 to 19.3 K.P.H., Self-calibrating and adjustable in .1
M.P.H., .1 K.P.H increments. Incline Range.
• 0 to 25%, .5% incremental movements, Self-calibrating.

Running Surface
• 22in. x 63in. 56cm x 160cm.

Communication Ports
• RS232 Female Serial port.

Floor Surface Footprint
• 33in. x 78.5 in., 84cm x 200cm level surface.

Safety and ​Comfort

TMX-428 offers significant performance improvements to stand out as one of the top stress-testing treadmills on the market. The 22" (56 cm) running belt is the widest in the industry, which provides confidence to the patient.
It was built with a prominent emergency stop safety system for:

• Dual comparative speed sensors.
• Auto runaway shutdown.
• Auto communication loss shutdown.
• Manual twist lock Emergency Stop button.
• Manual Stop Tether.
• Braking system for safe patient offloading.


The TMX-428 is part of the stress test solution. It is designed to offer full integration with the Schiller Stress test and many cardiac stress testing systems.

A bi-directional communication permits an exchange of operating commands and data so you can start and stop the treadmill and adjust speed and grade, ensuring procedural accuracy and clinical confidence.

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