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How to prolong the life of your SCHILLER device

27.04.22 02:11 AM Comment(s) By Sol

We have two solutions to take care of your SCHILLER device: Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Extended Warranty (EW). What advantages do they have? Many! And all of them will benefit you and your patients.

Maintaining your medical devices properly is a highly recommended practice. This service allows you to ensure that they will stay functional for many years. In addition, it reduces the downtime, since the time that it must be in maintenance is much shorter than it would be spent on a repair.

 We offer you two types of Service Agreements designed to keep your product working under SCHILLER's specifications. But they're also developed with the patient and user safety in mind and making sure your product uses the latest software versions. Here they are!

It is a service that is performed periodically in your devices to minimize their risk of failing. This should be done while your device is still working optimally, avoiding you being unpleasantly surprised if it breaks down just before or during a patient test.


What does PM include?

Verification/calibration of all parameters:

  Battery charging circuit

  Printer (if applicable)

  Screen & keyboard functional checkout

  Applicable software updates

It does not include parts, batteries, accessories, consumables, and device loaners. 

How often should the PM be performed?

This solution helps extend up to 5* years the warranty period that you received originally with your device. You can purchase the extended warranty upon purchase or while the original warranty is still in effect. 

*Contact with our SCHILLER service specialists the warranty extension valid for each equipment.

 What does EW include?

The extended warranty complements the original warranty.

It includes:

  Parts and labor during all years of agreement 

  A loaner unit when your device needs repair or maintenance

As you may have already noticed, Preventive Maintenance and Extended Warranty will give you the peace of mind of working with a device that operates under quality and safety requirements. Likewise, maintenance gives you the certainty that your product will always be correctly calibrated and conveniently certified by the manufacturer.

 Also, you will count with original manufacturer replacement parts, specialized technical support, different discounts on parts and consumables and keep the software updated. 

Your SCHILLER representative will be glad to assist you.



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