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Magnet Group and Schiller Americas: joining forces to offer hospitals technological innovation 

21.12.21 02:53 PM Comment(s) By Norma

The recent agreement between MAGNET GROUP and SCHILLER AMERICAS aims to help clinicians to increase efficiency with our innovative cardiopulmonary technologies.

In this fast-evolving era, cooperation is key. When two leaders in their fields join forces, their expertise and infrastructure, maximize and noticeably improve services to make them better and faster. This was the idea behind this agreement.

Magnet Group

MAGNET GROUP is one of the oldest and most experienced specialty group purchasing organizations (a.k.a GPO) in the USA. They manage a portfolio focused on capital and small medical equipment, select medical products, facilities related products, HR services, and technology, among other services.  

They have a huge member base, approximately 9000, that includes all varieties of healthcare providers and non-healthcare entities, such as municipalities and universities. The company was founded in 1979, which means they are a solid and reliable partner to grow with.

Schiller Americas

SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for non-invasive cardiopulmonary diagnostics and patient monitoring, as well as software solutions for the medical industry. The company was founded in 1974 by Alfred Schiller and throughout the years has become a global market share leader in the field of Non-Invasive Cardiology Diagnostics. Our core portfolio consists of:

  • Electrocardiograph machines.
  • Spirometer.
  • Patient Monitors.
  • MRI Patient Monitors.
  • Ergometers.
  • Holter.
  • Stress tests.

Looking at the experienced background of MAGNET GROUP and the advanced technology background of SCHILLER AMERICAS it is easy to see why we are confident that our agreement will benefit both, hospitals, and patients.

On one hand, MAGNET member organizations will be pleased when using SCHILLER’s innovative cardiopulmonary technologies. On the other hand, clinicians will experience an increase in efficiency which will also be reflected in satisfaction. 

We trust that this alliance will be endurable and profitable for both parties.

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