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Physicians by profession, messengers by vocation 

06.12.21 06:08 PM Comment(s) By Norma

When there are problems (Oh-boy, did the coronavirus give a new meaning to that word!) we can get ahead if we have significant people in our lives. This is relevant because before the pandemic those people used to be family and friends, but after COVID-19, the term "significant people" has been redefined and in one way or another that relationship has spread to physicians. 

Of course, it is not something formal yet, but ask those who were infected with coronavirus who supported them during the illness. Especially those who suffered from it at the beginning of the pandemic, when little was known about it; everyone will agree that the caregivers did what they could for their bodies and what has allowed them to get ahead was the compassion and human solidarity of those doctors and nurses.

Fairy Tale Heroes

There is a fairy tale written by the Grimm Brothers named "Godfather Death". The story is about a poor peasant who seeks a powerful godfather for the youngest of his many children. The man chooses Death as godfather, who shows up for the baptism ceremony and does not return to visit his godson until he is older. Death takes the boy into the woods and shows him a wonderful plant that has the power to cure any disease. He instructs him to take it and use it to heal people, promising him that with it he will gain fame and wealth. However, Death puts a single condition on it, if he sees him at the sick person’s feet, he must refrain from giving the plant; the price of breaking the rule is that he loses his life.


The boy begins to practice and soon becomes renowned for his extraordinary abilities as a doctor (of course, no one knows the real reason behind them). Everything goes well but one day, the king of the lands becomes ill, and he sends for the wonderful doctor; but the first thing he sees as soon as he enters the sovereign's chambers is his Godfather at the feet of the bed. Despite the warning, the doctor decides to save the king, which costs him a severe reprimand and Death reminds him that he will not forgive him next time. The godson promises not to disobey again, but soon the king's daughter becomes ill too, so again they call the doctor. Surprise! Who is at the feet of the princess's bed? Yes, the Death. Despite the threat that weighs on him, he decides to cure her and of course, receives the announced punishment.


This story is a metaphor of the important work that doctors and nurses have carried out in times of pandemic. They care for everyone with the only certainty that they faced a lethal enemy that threatened everyone's lives equally.


In spite of the risk they and their families ran, they stayed at the front line using their knowledge, imagination, and inventiveness to try to save lives. And when the war for the patient's life was lost, they communicated messages of love, hope, and in millions of cases, farewell with the sad satisfaction of mitigating the deep pain of all the people who unfortunately lost their loved ones in this unprecedented pandemic.


Doctor, nurse, healthcare professional, we admire the courage with which you faced the challenges of your practice day by day and your brave fight during the pandemic, which you approached with your humanity and your knowledge. For your dedication and the infinite samples of kindness that you do not hesitate to distribute generously among your patients, thank you very much.

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