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SCHILLER performed BP & lung function screening at Adult Day Care center

04.05.23 03:45 PM Comment(s) By America

By América Torres
Francesco Iacona CEO SCHILLER en Little Havana Day care
Dr. Francesco Iacona (bottom left) & and our product specialists (in red and grey polos).

Our mission at SCHILLER is to develop innovative technology that helps healthcare professionals provide accurate cardiopulmonary diagnostics for patients of all ages. Adult Day Care Centers play an important role keeping the elderly physical and mentally healthy. That´s why we happily accepted the invitation of Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers of Dade County, Miami, to participate in their blood pressure and lung function screenings to his patients.

Professional & warm Adult Day Care

Little Havana wanted to make sure their patients got screened with the most innovative technology available. They also needed experienced professionals to perform the tests. SCHILLER provided both, and added the smiles, kindness, and warmth of our product specialists and even our CEO, Dr. Francesco Iacona.


That patients at Little Havana Adult Day Care got their blood pressure checked with DS-20 Diagnostic Station. The DS-20 is perfect for this kind of events because it includes Vital signs, Temperature, NIBP, SPO2, HR, Respiration Rate, EKG, Resting EKG & Resting Rhythm EKG in a single device.


And checking the pulmonary function was fast and accurate thanks to our SpiroScout spirometer. Since it uses ultrasonic technology that detects even the lowest flows, the tests were easy and comfortable for the elderly patients.

A photo tells more that a thousand words, check some images of this special day!

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