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Clinical Benefits of Oscillometry in Respiratory Assessment
Oscillometry can detect small airway hyper-responsiveness, offering more information about the patient’s prognosis for asthma or COPD. It complements spirometry providing additional insights. By utilizing both tests, physicians can make more informed patient treatment decisions.
30.08.23 08:14 PM - Comment(s)
Asthma: Exploring its Impactful Figures
In this article, we will focus on presenting an overview of asthma through the available figures according to reports from various researchers and organizations.
03.08.23 06:29 PM - Comment(s)
The GINA Guide 2022: summary of the main updates for asthma management
Learn about the latest updates in the 2022 GINA Asthma Guide, including asthma and COVID-19, diagnosis, management in LMICs, symptom control, treatment strategies, and more.
12.07.23 02:27 PM - Comment(s)