How to choose the best EKG for your needs
Many professions entail the risk of developing lung diseases. Therefore, it is advisable for pulmonologists to consider a differential diagnosis for each primary pattern of respiratory disease, which includes both occupational and environmental exposures.
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Pulmonary diseases: when the profession is a risk
Many professions entail the risk of developing lung diseases. Therefore, it is advisable for pulmonologists to consider a differential diagnosis for each primary pattern of respiratory disease, which includes both occupational and environmental exposures.
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Diagnosis of Asthma: Challenges and Solutions
Peripheral airways have been disregarded, mainly due to their inaccessibility with traditional tests. Discover the new non-invasive technique that helps accurately assess them.
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The crucial role of spirometry to enhance lung health
Although spirometry is a straightforward and cost-effective test, it is often underutilized. This blog explores its advantages among patients, especially those facing occupational exposure to hazardous particles.
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SCHILLER celebrates its 50th anniversary!
In SCHILLER, we have devoted a lifetime to saving lives. Our solutions are backed by 50 years of dedication to researching and innovating Swiss-quality products.
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medilog® AR Holter and BR-102 PLUS ABPM: Essential Tools for Ambulatory Monitoring
Welcome to ambulatory monitoring from the future! Our sophisticated Holter and ABPM recorders provide all the information you need to deliver better healthcare while saving time. But that's not all! Discover how they can help you save time and increase your income.
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2023 Guide to Appropriate Use Criteria for Detection and Risk Assessment in Chronic Coronary Artery Disease
Discover changes, simplification of scenario selection, and revisions to incorporate updates in pretest probability assessment, ASCVD risk, syncope, and more.
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Cardiological Innovations of 2023: 5 Notable Clinical Trials
The year 2023 unfolds with remarkable clinical trials poised to revolutionize the landscape of heart disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This curated selection spotlights the most captivating studies, offering a glimpse into the future of cardiac care.
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Clinical Advances in Pulmonary Health 2023
Explore groundbreaking developments in pulmonary health research, such as the pivotal move by the ATS to eliminate race and ethnicity from spirometry, among other notable milestones aimed at improving pulmonary disease management.
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LFX Software: SCHILLER's Solution for Pulmonary Function Testing
LFX is a cutting-edge solution that provides healthcare professionals with sophisticated tools to conduct high-quality lung assessments.
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Updates in the 2022 ESC Guidelines for the management of patients with ventricular arrhythmias and the prevention of sudden cardiac death
Here is a summary of the new sections and concepts, as well as some of the updates contained in this document published by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence: our solution for accurate stress testing
Cardiologists have an array of non-invasive tests to evaluate heart health, each with its unique strengths. In this blog, we delve into the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of stress tests and how the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence enhances a physician's ability to provide comprehensive care.
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medilog® DARWIN2 software: the heart of our holter
This intuitive tool offers physicians unique functionalities. They all simplify generating holter reports, which means they can obtain 24, 48 (or more hours) holter reports in minutes!
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Summary of 2022 ESC/ERS Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension
The ESC/ERS 2022 Guidelines for Pulmonary Hypertension include a new definition of this condition, recommendations for women of childbearing age, children, patients wit HIV, and more.
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Summary of some ESC 2023 studies that will impact your practice
This selection of some of the most relevant clinical trials of this international Congress summarizes their implications and highlights their contributions to medical practice. We hope you find it useful.
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Clinical Benefits of Oscillometry in Respiratory Assessment
Oscillometry can detect small airway hyper-responsiveness, offering more information about the patient’s prognosis for asthma or COPD. It complements spirometry providing additional insights. By utilizing both tests, physicians can make more informed patient treatment decisions.
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Why Modern Electrocardiographs are Essential in Medical Practice

Currently, technological advancements are occurring at a rapid pace, leading to medical devices becoming obsolete in a short period of time. Therefore, it is essential to provide healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art equipment that streamlines patient evaluation and serves as efficient tool...

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Asthma: Exploring its Impactful Figures
In this article, we will focus on presenting an overview of asthma through the available figures according to reports from various researchers and organizations.
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Predictors of cardiac arrest among patients with post-myocardial infarction ejection fraction greater than 35%
The risk factors for SCA among patients with an EF >35% after an MI remain poorly understood. The purpose of this clinical trial was to determine those risk factors.
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Safeguarding Medical Devices: Strengthening Cybersecurity with SCHILLER
Protecting medical devices from cyberattacks is more critical than ever. Our advanced technology helps healthcare professionals enhance their cybersecurity measures.
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