Advantages of adopting telemedicine

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By América Torres


Telemedicine is not new. But it was mainly used when it was difficult for the physician to have personal access to the patient or for the patient to commute. However, the COVID-19 pandemic helped to develop the conditions to make it available to everyone. Let´s see some of its benefits.

Advantages of telemedicine for patients

It has improved the experience of the patient in several ways:


* Telemedicine allows them to consult specialists without geographical barriers. This is especially helpful for people who don't have health services near them. But on a practical level, it helps patients who can´t travel alone to get their checkups up on time. If they can have video consultations, they can stop relying on the availability of their family members to drive them to their appointments. Also, video consultations are a great option to request second or third medical opinions.


* It reduces contagion.For patients, especially those whose immunity is weak or compromised, telemedicine is a great solution to avoid getting infected while waiting at the doctor's office.


* Better follow-up. Patients can share with their doctor data from the electronic devices they use to monitor, for example, their glucose or blood pressure. In this way, they have better control of their levels, and the physician has more reliable data to indicate the treatment.


* Keeps caregivers informed. In cases where the patient has several caregivers, telemedicine allows everyone to be present during the consultation. This ensures that the doctor's instructions are followed promptly because omissions of information between caregivers are avoided.

Advantages of telemedicine for physicians

One of the factors that simplified video consultations was the use of medical devices with advanced technology. This allows health professionals to review the digital version of studies, save them, share them with colleagues and, of course, connect to systems like ERM/HIS. Health professionals also enjoy numerous advantages under this modality.


* Reduce operative costs and increase revenues.Offering video consultations helps save office rent scheme, rather than having to commit to a fixed monthly fee. And this savings go directly into your pocket.


* Check and diagnose whenever, wherever.Medical devices with connectivity allow you to check tests anywhere. Our medical devices improve workflow thanks to our SEMA platform. This system has been designed to simplify tasks such as administering, analyzing, and storing the tests you perform with our devices. This saves time with tedious paperwork! Plus, with our SEMA Liberty Mobile solution, you can review tests in real time from any electronic device.


* Makes medical consultations easier.Telemedicine also allows you to conduct medical video consultations with colleagues or interdisciplinary specialists. That helps you get a better diagnosis and treatment for your patient.


As you may have already noticed, telemedicine is a great tool worth adopting. But in order to get the most out of it, you should consider a smart strategy that includes investing in medical devices with seamless connectivity. That, in the short term, will result in better income for you and greater control over your personal time.


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