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Impact of COVID-19 on exercise pathophysiology
Hospital survival in case of severe COVID-19 involvement is often associated with residual fibrotic lung abnormalities, evidenced by pulmonary CT at the time of discharge, and lung function tests.
27.04.21 04:40 PM - Comment(s)
Endotypical COPD treatment

COPD and its exacerbations are a serious health problem. COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide. According to a study entitled "Recent advances in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease pathogenesis: from disease mechanisms to precision medicine", so far, treatments focus on imp...

25.03.21 11:05 PM - Comment(s)
Spirometry, an underestimated test
Although dyspnea is a common reason for consulting a primary care physician (1 - 4% of all visits) pulmonary function tests are often overlooked and seldom performed
01.03.21 03:10 PM - Comment(s)